The Association Of Practical Christians


What is Practical Christianity?

Practical Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and how the application of His lessons enhances our everyday life. Jesus is our highest example of the manifestation of the perfect God idea for a human being which is called the Christ. By following Him, we endeavor to bring love, understanding, respect and service to all. Following the principles He taught, we ensure our lives are filled with joy, great abundance, health and wonderful loving relationships.

We are not intent on converting people from a religion that brings them comfort. We regard ourselves more as a spirituality of attraction rather than a religion of conversion. We understand that there are varying views on salvation and this site has the intent to honor those differences. We do, however, challenge those who are exclusive of life differences in their own Christian teachings. Our mission and our policies are designed in part to continually challenge teachings purported to be Christian that do not seem to us to be in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ  as reported in the gospels.

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